How to redirect a website from http to https

  Almost a year ago, we migrated Windows Code Bits from http to https. We also published an article showing how to migrate a website to https. That article also explains the importance of https and why every website should use https instead of http. In the present article, we discuss another important thing related to this migration. Here, we shall

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Migration to HTTPS

  We have finally migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. As you can see, there is a green lock icon in the address bar and the url of this page begins with https instead of the usual http. This article describes why and how Windows Code Bits underwent the process of migration to HTTPS. We’ll also tell you how you can migrate

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Programmer’s Calculator : Android

  Programmer’s Calculator is an awesome Android app developed recently by Gaurav Anand from Android Code Bits. It converts numbers from one number system to another as well as performs all types of arithmetic and logical operations on them. This app is a handy tool for anyone who needs to work with binary, decimal, hexadecimal or octal numbers. You can download

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