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How to get back Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

  Windows 10, the latest and the last version of Windows, has introduced several new apps and features. It has also removed some applications and features which were available in the previous versions of Windows. Windows Photo Viewer is one of them. Well, to be accurate, it is still present but not easily accessible. By default,… Read More »

How to use OneGet Package Manager in Windows 10

  Our previous article on Windows PowerShell provided a brief introduction to what Windows PowerShell is and how to use it. We hope it helped you get started with PowerShell. We also mentioned OneGet Package Manager which is a linux-style package management tool, and has been included in Windows 10 as a part of PowerShell. In… Read More »

Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

  Most Windows users are familiar with the Command Prompt (CMD). It is a command-line utility used to perform various types of tasks, some of which may be very difficult to perform using the GUI of Windows. It is also one of those things that are reminiscent of the (good?) old days of DOS. Nowadays, we… Read More »