WCB Clock : Visual C++

  This program contains an analog clock designed using Visual C++. It has been created to serve as a 32-bit version of the Amazing Clock program which was created in Turbo C++ and was a 16-bit program. Since the WCB Clock is a 32-bit program, it would work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can also modify it

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Digital Clock : Visual C++

Digital Clock   The following program is a Digital Clock. It has been developed in Visual C++ (Win32) using the Visual Studio 2013 Express IDE. Time is precious and so is this awesome application !!! You can also modify the colour of the digits as well as the background of the clock (by editing the source code, of course). You can

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WordNote : Visual C++

WordNote   The following program is a Text Editor. It has been developed using Visual C++ .NET in the Visual Studio 2013 Express IDE. It can be used to work with .txt (Plain Text) files, similar to the NotePad application which comes bundled with Windows. It provides you with ability to perform all the tasks you normally perform in a Text

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