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Exception Handling in C++

  During your interaction with C++, you might have come across certain errors which pop up out of nowhere in the middle of execution of a program. A strange situation which you hadn’t imagined earlier – which may be a case of division by zero, or an overflow, or a failed memory allocation or any other… Read More »

What is a namespace?

using namespace std; As a C++ programmer, one often encounters the above statement i.e. using namespace std; below the header file declarations in C++ programs. Ever wondered why this statement is used? Well, you would have guessed this statement has something to do with a namespace that has the name std. What is a namespace,… Read More »

4 MUST-KNOW tips for every Visual Studio user

  Visual Studio is Microsoft’s official IDE for the Windows Platform. It is also the most famous environment among programmers who develop applications for Windows. However, there are several issues faced by Visual Studio programmers. For instance, there are DLL errors, annoying compiler warnings, and overwhelming usage of disk space – to name a few. Therefore,… Read More »

File Management Programs in C++

  The previous article File Management in Windows using C++ discussed several File Management functions and their uses. Here, we shall discuss actual file management programs based on those functions. As mentioned previously, the tasks performed by these programs are of the following types : a) Copying a File b) Moving a File c) Renaming a… Read More »

File Management in Windows using C++

The Windows API contains several file management functions. These functions let you perform many tasks like copying/moving a file, renaming a file and deleting a file. These functions are listed below : a) CopyFile () – Used for copying a file b) MoveFile () – Used for moving/renaming a file c) MoveFileEx () – Used… Read More »