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Canvas of Picasso : Turbo C++

  After all the serious coding stuff, it’s time to get creative now. In this project, we won’t be working with any media player, web browser, automated animations, clock, stopwatch or any such thing which performs all the tasks automatically step-by-step as programmed. Here, we have something that would require you to interact with the program,… Read More »

The Ultimate Animation Combo : Turbo C++

  The Stylish Springs and the Conical Waterfall featured a spring animation and a cone animation respectively. Both of them were based on a single type of geometrical shape which was animated using BGI Graphics. The current project contains several types of such animations bundled together. This is the final project in our Turbo C++ Animation… Read More »

Stylish Springs : Turbo C++

  The Conical Waterfall was built to render several cones that created a wonderful waterfall structure. It was made up of 25 inverted cones that formed an animated waterfall. Here, we will show you an animation, the Stylish Springs, that consists of several long curved animated coils. The Stylish Springs utilizes several functions from the BGI… Read More »

Conical Waterfall : Turbo C++

  The Three-dimensional Text program featured the ability to display text in various three-dimensional orientations. Here, we present you the Conical Waterfall. This program creates an animation containing several cones which are rendered systematically so that they constitute a pleasant waterfall structure. The Conical Waterfall utilizes several functions from the BGI library to render the cones.… Read More »

Three-dimensional Text : Turbo C++

  Here, we shall show you a program that displays some three-dimensional text in various orientations, various degrees of thickness as well as in various colours. As you might guess, this program has been created using Turbo C++ and uses BGI graphics. The various modules used for drawing and displaying the three-dimensional text in this program… Read More »