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Bank Management System : Turbo C++

Bank Management System   The following project is a Bank Management System program. It can be used to perform all the tasks related to Savings Accounts in a bank. For example, you can create a new account or remove an existing one. You can also withdraw or deposit money. Similarly, you can transfer funds from one… Read More »

Calendar : Turbo C++

Calendar   The following program contains a calendar. It has been developed using the Turbo C++ 3.0 IDE. It uses BGI Graphics to render all the graphics. You can navigate around this Calendar’s pages using the arrow keys of your keyboard. It performs all the tasks you would expect from such a program. We are sure… Read More »

Amazing Clock : Turbo C++

Amazing Clock   The following program contains an amazing clock which shows time in analog as well as digital form in 24-hour format. It has been developed using various functions from the BGI graphics library. This clock works by retrieving the current time from the System Clock. If you like, you can even leave this program… Read More »