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Three-dimensional Text : Turbo C++

  Here, we shall show you a program that displays some three-dimensional text in various orientations, various degrees of thickness as well as in various colours. As you might guess, this program has been created using Turbo C++ and uses BGI graphics. The various modules used for drawing and displaying the three-dimensional text in this program… Read More »

Bitmap Loader : Turbo C++

  Bitmap image files (or just bitmaps) are used by programmers for displaying pre-defined graphics in their programs. These files have the extension .BMP or .DIB (Device Independent Bitmap). Bitmaps are used widely in Windows programs. These are uncompressed, lossless and have the advantage of having a simple structure. The Bitmap Loader program shows how you… Read More »

WCB Browser : C++

  The C++ program displayed below is a web browser created using Qt Creator version 5.5. It has a very simple interface and contains the bare minimum controls required for browsing the web. You can also modify its interface and functionality using the source code of this program.   The concept of WCB Browser is simple:… Read More »