Windows Code Bits Happy Birthday

  Welcome to the Party! Today is the first Windows Code Bits happy birthday 🙂 . Click the Play button to listen to Donald Duck’s Happy Birthday song (audio clip). Windows Code Bits Happy Birthday   Our website was launched on April 21, 2015 as a Blogger blog. Since then, it has undergone several major and minor changes.… Read More »

RGB Selector : Visual C#

  As you probably know, the various types of colors displayed by electronic visual displays (e.g. computers, phones) are made up of three primary colors – Red, Green and Blue, also known as RGB. These three colors can be used to produce any color, ranging from the brightest white to the darkest black. Now, as a… Read More »

Windows Script Host (WSH)

  Have you ever executed a VBScript or JavaScript file on your Windows Computer? If you did, then you have used Windows Script Host (WSH) even though you might not have realized it. Even if you haven’t executed any of these scripts on your computer, you should know about WSH. Here, we are going to discuss… Read More »

WCB ScreenSaver : Visual C#

  WCB ScreenSaver is a Visual C# program that lets you use five types of animated screensavers which are made up of arcs, ellipses, lines, pies and rectangles, respectively. This program is somewhat similar to The Ultimate Animation Combo, the difference between the two being that the current program can be easily used as a screensaver.… Read More »

WCB app : Visual C#

  WCB app is a Windows app that displays various web pages of the Windows Code Bits website via a menu-based user interface. If you visit our website frequently, you can use this app instead of your web browser for viewing our content. This app has been developed in Visual C#. When you run this app,… Read More »