How to uninstall a program using CMD

  As a Windows user, you typically uninstall programs using the “Programs and Features” window in Control Panel. Here, we’ll show you how to uninstall a program using CMD i.e. the Command Prompt. The process of uninstalling a program using the CMD is quite easy as well as interesting. How to uninstall a program using CMD… Read More »

Types of Executables in Windows

  As a Windows user, you must have used .exe files for installing applications, like Mozilla Firefox, VLC Media Player and others. You might also know about other types of executables, such as .msi and .bat. There are several other types of executables and they have their own suitable uses. Do you know about all other… Read More »

Random Password Generator : Visual C#

  Random Password Generator is an indispensable password tool for all. You can use it to generate passwords of any length and strength you desire. Its main use lies in creating strong passwords for your online accounts. You can create a password that is 10-50 characters long, with three different difficulty levels to choose from. You… Read More »

Process Manager : Visual C#

  Process Manager is a program that lets you view and manage the processes on your Windows computer. You can view the currently running processes, start new ones and stop existing ones. It may be considered a very simple version of Task Manager. It provides basic information about the running processes i.e. the name of each… Read More »

Sharp Paint : Visual C#

  Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since our last project – the RGB Selector, which was a really “colourful” as well as useful project. The current project i.e. the Sharp Paint also involves colours and we’re sure you’d love it. This program contains a PaintBrush-style functionality. It performs only the most basic tasks, though.… Read More »