Other Projects

  We have a large collection of projects in various programming languages. Probably, you have viewed our C# projects and C++ projects. We also have several other projects in other programming languages such as Visual Basic and OpenGL. Since we focus mainly on C# and C++ projects, we don’t have much time to spare for other projects. However, we have tried our best to ensure that our projects are always useful to you.

Types of other projects

  As mentioned above, we have developed some projects in Visual Basic and OpenGL. You can read more about these projects below :

Visual Basic projects

  We have several Visual Basic projects developed using the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE as well as Visual Studio 2013 IDE. The projects developed using Visual Studio use the .NET framework.

OpenGL projects

  We also have some OpenGL projects. While we never paid much time or attention to OpenGL (since it is outside our main field of interest), we did try to develop some basic programs in OpenGL which might be useful to our readers.

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