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File Zipper : Visual C#

  File Zipper is a Visual C# program for compressing and decompressing files. It creates .zip files and can decompress .zip files as well. The support for Zip files was a very useful feature introduced in .NET Framework 4.5. The DLL named System.IO.Compression.dll provides two new classes named ZipArchive and ZipFile. In this program, we have… Read More »

Document Reader : Visual C#

  Document Reader is a text-editor cum text-to-speech converter. It means that this Visual C# program lets you read your text documents as well as listen to them. Isn’t that cool? I’m sure you’d love it. Document Reader If you’re not a programmer and just want to download and use this program, you can download it… Read More »

Sharp Media Player : Visual C#

  The Sharp Media Player is the last Visual C# project in this series. As you know, we published the WCB Media Player (a Visual Basic project) last year. This project has some minor user interface changes and bug fixes. Even though it is pretty much similar to the WCB Media Player, we believe you’ll find… Read More »

Sharp Browser : Visual C#

  Today’s Visual C# project is the Sharp Browser which is a web browser. As you know, I have decided to create Visual C# versions of all the main Visual C++ and Visual Basic projects published till date. The Sharp Calculator, SharpPad and Sharp Clock have already been published and our visitors liked them a lot.… Read More »

Sharp Clock : Visual C#

  Tick Tock, Tick Tock. What is it? Another Clock program? Yes and No. Today’s project i.e. the Sharp Clock contains an analog clock developed in Visual C# which is just like our previous analog clock projects (Amazing Clock and WCB Clock) in appearance and functionality. However, the logic used in developing it and thus the… Read More »