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WCB app : Visual C#

  WCB app is a Windows app that displays various web pages of the Windows Code Bits website via a menu-based user interface. If you visit our website frequently, you can use this app instead of your web browser for viewing our content. This app has been developed in Visual C#. When you run this app,… Read More »

WCB File Downloader : Visual C#

  WCB File Downloader is a Visual C# program for downloading files. Our previous article How to download a file using command prompt explained how you can download files with CMD and avoid using any third party file downloader programs. However, we also mentioned that this process isn’t good enough to be used as a replacement for… Read More »

World Clock : Visual C#

  World Clock is one of our best programs till date. It shows you the current time in various time zones of the world. It also tells you which cities/places are located under those time zones. The list of cities is not exhaustive (it isn’t possible to do so), but we have included all those cities/places… Read More »

Folder Lock : Visual C#

  Folder Lock is a Visual C# program for preventing other users on your computer from accessing your data. It is an enhanced version of the Folder Locker program which was developed using Visual Basic. It has some new features which we’re sure you would appreciate.   You can download Folder Locker here, or continue reading below for… Read More »

Spec Sheet : Visual C#

  Spec Sheet is a Visual C# program that displays your computer’s hardware and software configuration data. It shows details of your Processor, RAM, Cache Memory, Secondary Memory, Removable drives, GPU, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Printer, OS and several other things. What makes it even better is the fact that it is lightweight as well as portable.… Read More »