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A new look

Windows Code Bits just got a new look. The new theme (Iconic One) is faster than the theme we had been using till now. The improved performance is more apparent on the mobile version of our website. Do you like this theme? Is it better than the previous one? Tell us in the comments below.

Windows Code Bits Happy Birthday

  Welcome to the Party! Today is the first Windows Code Bits happy birthday 🙂 . Click the Play button to listen to Donald Duck’s Happy Birthday song (audio clip). Windows Code Bits Happy Birthday   Our website was launched on April 21, 2015 as a Blogger blog. Since then, it has undergone several major and minor changes.… Read More »

Just Coding !!!

  You must be wondering why this post has such a weird title – Just Coding. I’ll explain it to you. A few days ago, a significant change occurred at Windows Code Bits. As you probably know, this website and all of its content is managed by me and my friend Manish. Together, we have developed… Read More »

Welcome to Windows Code Bits…!!!

Welcome to Windows Code Bits…!!! Hello, welcome to Windows Code Bits 🙂 Here, you shall find the source code as well as executables of several projects related to Visual C#, Visual C++, Turbo C/C++, OpenGL and  Visual Basic programming. Some of these projects have been created by us in the last few years. Others are the… Read More »