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I am a programmer from India. Me and my friend have created this website and all of its wonderful content. We believe in learning through collaboration and teamwork. That's why we created this website. We'd like to help you as well as learn from your suggestions.

Standard Calculator : Visual C++

Standard Calculator   The following program is a simple standard calculator. It has been created using the .NET framework in the Visual Studio 2013 Express IDE. It performs all the basic arithmetical operations that a typical calculator performs. The following screenshots of the program describe its functionality:-  The following video shows the Standard Calculator in action… Read More »

Snake Game : Turbo C++

The following program is a Snake Game. The screenshots below describe its functionality:- Snake Game As might be obvious, this game is to be played using the arrow keys. The goal is to score points by helping the snake eat its food, while preventing a collision with the walls. The longer you play and the… Read More »

Library Management System : Turbo C++

Library Management System   The following project is a library management system program. It can be used to perform all the tasks of a library. In this case, it is based on a college library. The screenshots below describe the functionality of the program:-      The detailed description of the program has been provided below… Read More »