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By | December 24, 2016

  Programmer’s Calculator is an awesome Android app developed recently by Gaurav Anand from Android Code Bits. It converts numbers from one number system to another as well as performs all types of arithmetic and logical operations on them. This app is a handy tool for anyone who needs to work with binary, decimal, hexadecimal or octal numbers. You can download this app from Google Play.

Programmer’s Calculator

  This app converts numbers while an operation is being performed and you can view (and copy) the value of a number in all the four number systems. To copy a number, touch it and a dialog will pop up. Click on COPY and the number gets copied to clipboard. Then you can paste it in any other app that supports pasting.

Programmer's Calculator

Programmer’s Calculator

  This app supports 8-bit (BYTE), 16-bit (WORD), 32-bit (DWORD) and 64-bit (QWORD) numbers. Also, you can change the theme (dark/light) as per your preference.

Settings - Change number size/theme

Settings – Change number size/theme

Light Theme

Light Theme

  In short, this app has the following remarkable features –

  • All functions can be performed on the same screen without swiping left/right. This saves a lot of time.
  • It converts a number to other number systems and displays them on the top of the screen while the users inputs the number. This lets the user view the values of a number in all number systems at the same time.
  • Some calculator apps use a different layout for each number system which may distract the user. This app uses the same layout for all number system and groups of buttons are enabled/disabled as per requirement. For example, if you’re working with a hexadecimal number, all number buttons i.e. from 0 to F are enabled. If you’re working with binary numbers, only 0 and 1 are enabled, and so on.

  We recommend Programmer’s Calculator to anyone who needs a calculator app for performing the aforementioned tasks. And hopefully, future versions would make it even better. So, please install this app and let us know your experience with it.

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3 thoughts on “Programmer’s Calculator : Android

  1. Samuel

    I love this app. Especially the ability to do everything on one screen without swiping left/right etc.

  2. Droid

    Very good app. It has some features that most prog calc apps don’t have.


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