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By | May 8, 2016

  Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since our last project – the RGB Selector, which was a really “colourful” as well as useful project. The current project i.e. the Sharp Paint also involves colours and we’re sure you’d love it. This program contains a PaintBrush-style functionality. It performs only the most basic tasks, though. You can create as well as save your drawings. If you’re looking for a similar program in C++, we do have one – in Turbo C++. It is the Canvas of Picasso.

You can download the Sharp Paint program here, or continue reading below. This program requires .NET Framework 4.5

Sharp Paint

  As you might expect, this program uses the PictureBox Control provided by Visual Studio. Like we mentioned above, it is only a basic paintbrush program. It performs only the basic paintbrush functions like creating and saving drawings. As of now, you cannot edit existing images or print your drawings, but we do plan to add those features in a later version of this program.

  The following images describe how this program works :

Sharp Paint - Idle

Sharp Paint – Idle

Sharp Paint - Sample Drawing

Sharp Paint – Sample Drawing

  As you can see in the images above, there is a toolbar below the menu bar which can be used to change the drawing colour as well as the thickness of the lines which you draw. To clear the drawing space (the Canvas) and reset the drawing settings, click File -> New. To save the drawing, click File -> Save As… and set a filename for the image to be saved. That’s all… for now.


  Click here to download the full project (46 KB)

  Click here to download the executable only (40 KB)

We hope you’ll like this project. If you’d like to suggest something, do let us know. Tell us your thoughts in your comments below. Keep visiting us for more Visual C# projects. 🙂

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