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By | May 14, 2016

  Process Manager is a program that lets you view and manage the processes on your Windows computer. You can view the currently running processes, start new ones and stop existing ones. It may be considered a very simple version of Task Manager. It provides basic information about the running processes i.e. the name of each process, its Process ID and its Working Memory Set (in MB). Of course, you can customize it as per your needs by editing its source code.

You can download Process Manager.exe here (21 KB). This program requires .NET framework 4.5

Process Manager

  As mentioned above, this program works like a minimalistic version of the Task Manager. It performs the most basic tasks you normally use Task Manager for i.e. viewing, starting and stopping processes. It refreshes automatically every five seconds. You can prevent it from auto refreshing using the Edit Menu. You can also refresh it manually using the Refresh option in the Edit Menu. To start a new process, click on New Process in the File Menu. Finally, to stop a running process, double-click that process. The Status bar shows the number of currently running processes. That’s all !!!

Note :- Apart from starting a new process by using the New Process option in the File Menu; you can also use it for opening other types of files, such as JPG, PDF, MP4 etc. These files are opened using their default programs. This happens because Process.Start(), the function which starts new processes, invokes the default program associated with the selected file.

Process Manager Screenshots

  The following screenshots describe how the Process Manager works :

Process Manager - Showing running processes

Process Manager – Showing running processes

Process Manager - Starting a new process

Process Manager – Starting a new process

Process Manager - Stopping an existing process

Stopping an existing process


  You can download the following files related to the Process Manager project :
Source Code (23 KB)
Executable (21 KB)
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Process Manager Update – May 25, 2016*

  At the time this project was published, there was a minor problem in the way it calculated the total number of processes currently running on the computer. The total number of processes was shown to be 1 more than the actual number of processes. At that time, this issue was overlooked due to haste and we regret it. This problem was caused by the improper use of the variable processNumber. It was initialized to 1 whereas it should have been initialized to 0. Also, the increment statement was misplaced in the loop, due to which the total number of processes wasn’t displayed accurately. You can fix the problem by making the following changes to the code :
  1. In the function ProcessDataLoad(), replace “int processNumber = 1;” with “int processNumber = 0;”.
  2. In the same function, move “processNumber += 1;” from its current position to the beginning of the foreach loop.

*The links to the source code and the executable provided on this page have been updated accordingly.

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