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By | February 18, 2016

  Spec Sheet is a Visual C# program that displays your computer’s hardware and software configuration data. It shows details of your Processor, RAM, Cache Memory, Secondary Memory, Removable drives, GPU, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Printer, OS and several other things. What makes it even better is the fact that it is lightweight as well as portable. You don’t need to install it at all. Just copy the 25 KB executable to the computer whose specs you want to check.

  You can download Spec Sheet here, or keep reading below to know more about this awesome utility. This program requires .NET Framework 4.5

Spec Sheet

  As we mentioned above, Spec Sheet lists the hardware and OS specs of your Windows Computer. Microsoft Windows provides the System Information utility (msinfo32.exe), which displays the specs of your computer. However, it isn’t lightweight. Also, it displays too much data – most of which is unnecessary for a typical Windows user. Therefore, we decided to develop a program for displaying only the basic hardware and OS data, which is useful for every Windows user. That’s how the idea of the Spec Sheet originated.

How does the Spec Sheet work?

  The Spec Sheet window uses a TabControl control with 7 tab pages namely, Processor, Memory, Graphics, Audio, Network, Printer and OS (as you can see in the screenshots section below). The titles of these tab pages are self-explanatory. However, we’ve listed them below for the sake of explanation :

  •   Processor – This tab page shows the details of your processor(s), viz. Processor Name, Architecture, Clock Speed, No. of Cores etc.
  •   Memory – This tab page shows the details of your RAM, Cache Memory and Hard Disk/SSD. You have to choose one of the three options – PhysicalMemory (RAM), CacheMemory (Cache) and LogicalDisk (Hard Disk/SSD) from the combo box on this page.
  •   Graphics – This tab page shows the details of the Graphics card present in your computer (in case of single GPU). If there are multiple Graphics cards, the card which is currently active on your computer is displayed.
  •   Audio – This tab page shows the details of the Audio device(s) installed in your computer.
  •   Network – This tab page shows the details of the various networking devices present in your computer, like the Bluetooth device, the Wifi card, Ethernet etc.
  •   Printer – This tab page shows the details of the printer(s) and fax device(s) installed on your computer.
  •   OS – This is the last tab page and it displays various details of the Operating System currently installed on your computer.

Please Note that some fields may display the text – <<<No Information Available>>>. This is because the values for these fields were not provided by the Operating System in your case. You should not worry about that. It’s normal and not the fault of the Spec Sheet program or your computer.

Spec Sheet – Design

  The Spec Sheet uses some classes from the System.Management namespace. These classes are MangementObject, ManagementObjectSearcher and PropertyData. The ManagementObjectSearcher class is used for searching for data using “keys” viz. Win32_Processor. The ManagementObject class is used for viewing the contents of the data received from ManagementObjectSeacher. The PropertyData class is used for displaying the data in the ListView Control. The details of how this is accomplished can be understood by viewing the source code of the Spec Sheet, which can be downloaded from the Downloads section below.

Screenshots of Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet - Processor

Spec Sheet – Processor

Spec Sheet - RAM

Spec Sheet – RAM

Spec Sheet - Hard Disk/SSD

Spec Sheet – Hard Disk/SSD

Spec Sheet Downloads

Click here to download the source code of this program (92 KB).
Click here to download only the executable of this program (25 KB). This program requires .NET Framework 4.5

  If you like this program, SHARE IT with your friends and colleagues and help others find this COOL program. Also, if you have any suggestions for improving this program, do let us know.

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  1. Manoj

    Nice program. I’m not a programmer but still I love your projects. These programs are quite useful to me. This one and the document reader were really awesome.

    1. Mohit Raj Post author

      Hi, Manoj. It’s good to know that we’re helping non-programmers as well. In fact, recently we have been trying to design our posts so that they are useful for everyone.

  2. Praveen

    Wonderful program! The hardware specs shown by this program helps me compare different PCs easily. That’s great 🙂


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