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By | January 23, 2016

  The last project i.e. the Sharp Calculator was based on a previously published project named Standard Calculator. The difference between these two was of the programming language they were developed in. The Standard Calculator was developed using Visual C++ while the Sharp Calculator was based on Visual C#. Today we present to you the SharpPad – a text editor developed using Visual C#. It is similar to the WordNote (developed in Visual C++), with minor differences. Even though the functionality is nearly the same, we hope you’d like it because it works faster than WordNote.


  As we have already mentioned, this program is a text editor developed in Visual C#. You can use it for creating, opening and saving text files. We believe it would be a good alternative to Microsoft’s NotePad. We know that this program still has a lot of scope for improvement. For example, it could be made to work with Rich Text Format (.rtf) files as well. However, since it was originally designed as the Visual C# version of WordNote, we thought it would be appropriate to let it be only a simple text editor (for now). We are planning to develop a .rtf editor based on the Visual Basic project TextPad, which was really cool due to its MDI interface and other notable features.

You might have noticed that our recent projects are just Visual C# versions of previous Visual C++ projects. This is because we believe it would be in our readers’ interest. Since we quit using Turbo C++ last year, and Visual C++ recently to focus entirely on Visual C#, it would be appropriate to publish all the basic applications like Calculator, Text Editor, Clock, Media Player, Web Browser etc. in Visual C# before moving on to more useful projects. We hope you would appreciate this. After we’re done with publishing all these basic applications, more complex applications (like the File Manager for Windows) would follow soon.


The following screenshots describe the appearance and functionality of the SharpPad :

SharpPad - Blank Window

SharpPad – Blank Window

SharpPad - File Opened

SharpPad – File Opened


Source Code (113 KB)
Executable (19 KB). This program requires .NET Framework 4.5

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  1. Shantanu

    This is a nice text editor program. I have even created its setup using the process you described in an article earlier.


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