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By | January 29, 2016

  Today’s Visual C# project is the Sharp Browser which is a web browser. As you know, I have decided to create Visual C# versions of all the main Visual C++ and Visual Basic projects published till date. The Sharp Calculator, SharpPad and Sharp Clock have already been published and our visitors liked them a lot. The next and the last project in this series will be the Sharp Media Player, which is coming soon. Apart from all these projects, I’ll also publish several pending projects which I had promised earlier. But before that, let’s have a look at the Sharp Browser and see what’s special about it.

Sharp Browser

  This project isn’t just a Visual C# version of the HelloWin Browser project (Visual Basic) or the WCB Browser (Qt C++). It has several new features and fixes some minor bugs present in the HelloWin Browser and the WCB Browser.

For example,

  1. None of the previous browsers responded to the ENTER key pressed by the user in the URL box. The Sharp Browser fixes this problem.
  2. None of the previous browsers showed the title of the current webpage in the title bar while the Sharp Browser shows it.
  3. The WCB Browser had problems with screen resolutions and browser window size. This issue has also been fixed in the current project.
  4. The previous browsers had a fixed homepage, while the Sharp Browser uses the website you have set in your default browser as the homepage.

Given all these benefits of the Sharp Browser, I highly recommend that you try this project, no matter whether you tried the previous browsers or not. I’m sure you’d love it. Now, let’s have a look at some screenshots of this awesome program.


  The following screenshots show you how this program works :

Sharp Browser - Homepage

Sharp Browser – Homepage

Sharp Browser - Google Search

Sharp Browser – Google Search

Sharp Browser - Windows Code Bits

Sharp Browser – Windows Code Bits

As you can see in the above images, the current project is the perfect web browser you need for basic web browsing tasks (and the best one yet on Windows Code Bits). Since this program uses very little resources as compared to mainstream browsers, you can run it quite well even on old slow hardware without facing any issues. The only thing that this browser currently lacks is tabs. As of now, you cannot open multiple tabs in this browser. However, since our motto is to strive for excellence, we’ll publish a browser that can replace your default browser. Until then, enjoy this project.


The following downloads are available for this project :

Source Code of Sharp Browser (204 KB)

Executable of Sharp Browser (56 KB). This program requires .NET Framework 4.5

  After downloading and trying this project, don’t forget to let us know your opinion about the efficiency and quality of this project. Your feedback helps us improve our projects and in turn, provide you high quality projects and articles.

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2 thoughts on “Sharp Browser : Visual C#

  1. Vikash

    This one is a really good project. I didn’t like the WCB Browser much, but this is awesome 🙂 Also, it’s great to see that you’ve finally started publishing projects in C# as well. C# projects are more useful to me (and I think to most others as well).

    1. Mohit Raj Post author

      Yeah, we started publishing C# projects because most of our visitors requested them. And considering the demand, we started the Visual C# category


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