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By | January 23, 2016

  You must be wondering why this post has such a weird title – Just Coding. I’ll explain it to you. A few days ago, a significant change occurred at Windows Code Bits. As you probably know, this website and all of its content is managed by me and my friend Manish. Together, we have developed this website and brought it to the current stage. Now, a new problem arose which couldn’t be ignored.

  As you know, Windows Code Bits is all about Windows projects and articles related to Windows. Therefore, publishing projects targeted at DOS didn’t seem appropriate. Due to this, we decided to stop publishing Turbo C++ projects on this website. As the regular visitors of this website know, our last Turbo C++ project was the Canvas of Picasso which was a paintbrush-style program. We decided to focus only on projects which were relevant to Windows. Now, Manish (due to his expertise in Turbo C++ stuff as well as his love for BGI graphics) wanted to continue working with Turbo C++. There could be only one solution to this problem and that is :

Just Coding

  Ultimately, we both agreed to work independently. From now on, I will publish C#, C++ and JAVA projects (apart from the highly informative articles you all love) and Manish will continue working with Turbo C++. I will publish my projects and articles here, while Manish will publish all his projects and tutorials on Just Coding – www.justcoding.in , which is Manish’s new website. In other words, you can continue to visit Windows Code Bits for your favourite Windows Content and for Turbo C++ and DOS-related articles, Manish has lots of cool stuff for you.

Just Coding

Just Coding

As you can see in the image above, he has already started adding wonderful content to his new website. So go on and have a look at his website. It was a great experience to have him with me on Windows Code Bits, but it’s better to see him create an entirely new website…!!!

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