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By | August 4, 2015
  The C++ program displayed below is a web browser created using Qt Creator version 5.5. It has a very simple interface and contains the bare minimum controls required for browsing the web. You can also modify its interface and functionality using the source code of this program.


The concept of WCB Browser is simple: Just type an address in the address bar and click the ‘Go’ button on the right. The required web page will be loaded and displayed in the browser. On the top-left, there are two buttons, one for going to the previous webpage and the other for going to the next webpage. There is also a button for reloading the current webpage. It lies between the address bar and the ‘Go’ button.


The following screenshots display how it works :
WCB Browser - Blank Window

WCB Browser – Blank Window

WCB Browser - Google India

WCB Browser – Google India

WCB Browser - Using Google Search

WCB Browser – Using Google Search

WCB Browser - Google Search Results

Google Search Results

The following video describes the functionality of this browser more clearly.

The only data that remains on your computer is the DNS-related data which is generated every time your computer connects to other computer over a computer using any protocol.


If you want to clear the DNS data, you can use our batch file cleanup.bat. You can read more about cleanup.bat and its role in solving privacy concerns with normal browsers here. To learn how to clear up the cookies, temporary internet files and other data stored by various browsers on your computer, read this article.
To download the source code of WCB Browser, click here.
To download only the executable of WCB Browser, click here.

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One thought on “WCB Browser : C++

  1. Marc

    This browser is good. As far as I know, it did not store any kind of private data on my computer. Ideal for surfing sites you don’t wanna show up in your history or other data. BTW, I am also trying to develop a browser of my own 😀


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