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By | July 28, 2015
  This program contains an analog clock designed using Visual C++. It has been created to serve as a 32-bit version of the Amazing Clock program which was created in Turbo C++ and was a 16-bit program. Since the WCB Clock is a 32-bit program, it would work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can also modify it and compile it as a 64-bit program using its source code.

The following screenshot describes the user interface of this program. This clock also makes the tick-tock sound which is usually made by the wall clocks.

WCB Clock
WCB Clock

How does it work?

  This program is based on the use of the Windows Timer. It checks the system time every second (i.e. after every 1000 milliseconds) using the function GetLocalTime() and then displays the same using the three hands of the clock. The tick-tock sound is played using the function PlaySound() which is called every second. The sound comes from a .wav file. If you wish, you can turn the sound OFF by pressing any key on the keyboard. Similarly, to turn it ON again, just press a key on the keyboard.

The following video shows WCB Clock in action :

Click here to download the WCB Clock project.

Click here to download wcbclock.exe only.

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    Nice clock. I was looking for a similar clock app for my win7 pc. BTW, I am also a c++ programmer 🙂


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