GrayPaint : Visual Basic

By | July 3, 2015

  The following Visual Basic program converts colourful images to grayscale. It supports the following image formats :

1. JPEG (.jpg)
2. Bitmap (.bmp)
3. GIF (.gif)
4. Icon (.ico)
5. metafile (.wmf)

The process involved is very simple. You have to select an image by clicking on File → Load Image and then convert it by clicking on File → Convert. The converted image will be displayed in the program’s window and you can save it by using Snipping Tool.

Blank GrayPaint Window
Colourful image loaded in GrayPaint
Colourful image converted to grayscale

The steps involved in converting a colourful image to grayscale using this program are listed below :-

1. Open the program.

2. Load an image by clicking on File → Load Image.

3. Convert the image to grayscale by clicking on File → Convert.

The following video shows how GrayPaint works :

Click here to download this project.

Click here to download GrayPaint.exe only.

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5 thoughts on “GrayPaint : Visual Basic

  1. Anonymous

    This program works best with 32-bit editions of Windows. 64-bit users may observe slow conversion speed.

  2. Windows Code Bits

    We're working on a Win32 version of this program. It will be available soon in both 32-bit and 64-bit. You won't have any speed issues with that program.

  3. Steve

    This program converts images well, but it is toooo slowwwwwww 🙁 Can't you make it faster

  4. Julius

    I tried it on my Windows 7 32bit pc and it worked smoothly. I tried converting a few of my bitmaps and they all converted well, and the file size was also reduced. 🙂


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