Bank Management System : Turbo C++

By | May 25, 2015

Bank Management System

  The following project is a Bank Management System program. It can be used to perform all the tasks related to Savings Accounts in a bank.

For example, you can create a new account or remove an existing one. You can also withdraw or deposit money. Similarly, you can transfer funds from one account to another and so on. The program’s user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to perform these tasks.

The screenshots below describe the functionality of the program:-

Bank Management System - Welcome Screen
Main Menu
Add/Remove Customers
Add new Customer
Transaction Menu
The detailed description of the menus is provided below :

Add/Remove Customer(s)

This option opens the Add/Remove Customer(s) menu which provides you the options to add new customers as well as remove existing customers.

View/Edit Customer Data

This option opens another menu which provides you the options to view and/or edit the data of existing customers.


This option opens the Transactions menu which lets you perform various transactions like withdrawing money from an existing customer’s account, depositing money and transferring funds from one account to another.

Username/Password Change

This option lets you change the username and the password used by the user to log into the program. This part is very useful as it helps you ensure the security of the data stored by the program.


This option lets you log out of the program, so that you may take a break from work without quitting the program. To log in again, you need to enter the username and password again. This ensures that no unauthorised person may access the program while the authorised user (i.e. you) is  away. While the program is in the logged out state, it displays an animation. You have to press a key on the keyboard to invoke the login screen.


This option quits the program instantly.
Click here to download the source code of Bank Management System.
Click here to download only the executable of Bank Management System (Please note that it is a 16-bit executable and will not run on 64-bit systems).
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  1. Remus

    Nice project. I like the animations of this program a lot. The overall functionality is also great. I found it to be better most other Bank Management System projects.


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