Welcome to Windows Code Bits…!!!

By | April 21, 2015

Welcome to Windows Code Bits…!!!

Hello, welcome to Windows Code Bits 🙂 Here, you shall find the source code as well as executables of several projects related to Visual C#, Visual C++, Turbo C/C++, OpenGL and  Visual Basic programming.

Some of these projects have been created by us in the last few years. Others are the ones we are currently working on. We are constantly working to improve our projects. You can also contribute to these projects and help us make them better. We intend to help other programmers who may need new ideas and suggestions concerning projects to work on.

You can view these projects under their respective categories, complete with project description and screenshots. You also have the option to download only the executable file in case you do not want to download the whole project.

There are also several marvellous articles on various topics related to programming. Most of these articles cover common programming problems. Some articles discuss important concepts related to programming, particularly Windows related programming. There are also several articles which cover topics not directly related to programming but are useful to know irrespective of whether you are a programmer or not.

To begin, choose any category and view the projects listed in that category. We may add more categories in future, such as Java Programming, so keep visiting Windows Code Bits to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Visual C# Programming
Turbo C++ Programming
Visual C++ Programming
Visual Basic Programming 
OpenGL Programming
You can view all our projects sorted in the reverse order of date of publishing on the All Projects page. All our articles have been listed on the Articles page.

We urge you to provide helpful reviews of our website’s projects and articles. You may also help us improve our content. To provide your feedback/suggestions, please contact us here.
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