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By | April 24, 2015


  The following program is a simple text editor for .rtf (Rich Text Format) files. You can work on multiple files simultaneously. This program was created using the Visual basic 6.0 IDE. It is a great application for those who do not need to embed images or other non-text elements in their .rtf files.  In other words, it serves pretty well as a simple Text Editor. The screenshots below describe its functionality:- 


TextPad - Blank Document


Open a Document
Working on a Document

Note:- To open an existing file, you need to first create a new blank document by clicking on FileNew, and then clicking on FileOpen.

The following video shows the TextPad in action :

Click here to download the source code of this project.

Click here to download TextPad.exe only.

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One thought on “TextPad : Visual Basic

  1. Ronald

    I downloaded this program a few days ago. I’ve had a great experience with it so far. That’s why now I use it for typing my notes and other stuff instead of MS wordpad. My friend even uses it for printing his rtf documents


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