Standard Calculator : Visual C++

By | April 23, 2015

Standard Calculator

  The following program is a simple standard calculator. It has been created using the .NET framework in the Visual Studio 2013 Express IDE. It performs all the basic arithmetical operations that a typical calculator performs. The following screenshots of the program describe its functionality:- 

Standard Calculator Idle
Calculator in Action

The following video shows the Standard Calculator in action :

Click here to view and download the source code of this project.

Click here to download Calc.exe only. You may need msvcr120.dll to execute this file. If you need it, download it here.

Since it is based on .NET framework 4.5, you need to have .NET framework 4.5 installed in your Computer for running this program’s executable. Please Note that this program has a lot of scope for improvement. You might find it difficult to edit this program because of the way it has been designed.

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