Rotating Sphere : OpenGL

By | April 24, 2015

The following program displays a wireframe sphere that can be rotated using the mouse. You can rotate and modify its colour using the mouse in the following ways :

a) Pressing the left mouse button turns the background colour red.
b) Pressing the mouse wheel turns the background colur green.
c) Pressing the right mouse button turns the background colour blue.
d) Clicking and dragging the mouse rotates the sphere with respect to the three coordinate axes.

Rotating Sphere State 1
Sphere State 2
Sphere State 3
Sphere State 4

The following video shows the Rotating Sphere in action :

Click here to view and download the source code of this project.
Click here to download Rotating Sphere.exe only (You’ll need glut.dll for running this application. Put both Rotating Sphere.exe and glut.dll in the same folder).

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One thought on “Rotating Sphere : OpenGL

  1. Spike

    Beautiful Sphere 😀 And I love the visual effects produced in this program


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