Library Management System : Turbo C++

By | April 23, 2015

Library Management System

  The following project is a library management system program. It can be used to perform all the tasks of a library. In this case, it is based on a college library. The screenshots below describe the functionality of the program:- 


Library Management System - Main Menu

  <center<Add New Member</center>

View Member List
Book Issue Menu

The detailed description of the program has been provided below :

The Concept

As you know, the main task of a library is lending books to its members for a certain period. The member who borrows a particular book has to return it to the library after a specified period of time, failing which he/she has to pay a fine. A member may borrow more than one book at a time. However, there is a specified limit as to how many books one may borrow. If a member has already borrowed the number of books as specified in the limit, he/she would not be issued any book until the previously borrowed books are returned and are found to be in proper condition. A proper system is required to keep track of all the books which have been issued to members as well as those which lie in the library.

As the library gains new members, the demand for new types of books may also grow. Keeping these things in mind, the library needs to purchase new books periodically. This library management system performs all these tasks quite efficiently. Using this program, you can add/remove members, issue/deposit books and perform all other tasks with ease. We hope you would find this program to be the best one you have ever used for a library.

Click here to view and download the source code of this project. 

Click here to download Library Management System.exe only (Please note that it is a 16-bit executable and will not run on 64-bit systems).

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